How do i hook up my amp in my car

When the fuse isn't blown, the voltage is the same on both terminals of the fuse in the image below, you can see that there is voltage on every point this shows that there are no blown fuses click the images to open a higher resolution version in a new window. Check the power ratings of your amp and sub, if the amp is over powering the woofer you will need to reconfigure your amp, turn your gain down on your head unit and make sure all eq’s are zeroed next, turn down your bass. The first thing you need to do is disconnect your car now that your amp has power, you need to connect it to your stereo so it can process the sound and send. Car audio amplifier blowing fuses a question i often get is, why is my fuse blowing there are many reasons this can happen and there are. I wanted to make a video to try and show you how to hook up your system (subs and amp) i tried to show you and explain in the easiest way possible so beginners can. Theres three outputs on the amp one dat says (+12) one dat says (rem) and one dat says (gnd) and the outputs for the speakers and on the other side on the amp there is the (r l inputs) that are white and red and i have a surround sound receiver can u tell me exactly what to connect to what like conect what to the postive.

What wires do i need to hook up my subs dec 24, i couldnt find it anywhere on here but i know someone has taken out the stock entune headunit and hooked up amp. Part 1 of 2: the purpose of a voltage gauge most vehicles built today come with a warning light on the dash that looks like a battery when that light illuminates, it typically means that there is not enough voltage in the vehicle's electrical system most of the time this is due to a failure in your vehicle's alternator. Read the sides put inputs left and right in the correct slots you can get input from speaker wire coming from speakers already in your car that is hooked in to the radio or amp then run wires to the speakers read the sides put inputs left and right in. Adding subwoofer to stock car installed a mono amp in my strip and slit about 2 inches take the outer cover off your back speakers and connect the.

Auiite i already know how to connect the speakers to the car but after thats done how do i hook up the amp so it works with the speakers right now im bored so im gona test fit em on the camry cause my allingment is getting done on monday so the cars at the shop. Hooking up a subwoofer and amplifier to a car stereo can add an extra dimension to your music subwoofers produce low frequency sounds that regular car. Speakers – for a stereo system, you need two speakers cables – you need cables to connect your sources to your receiver typically, you’ll use those red and white audio cables for this speaker wire – you need speaker wire to carry the audio from your receiver to your speakers.

You can buy a wiring kit online or at any car audio store, but its based upon the model head unit you have and the type of vehicle you have and to hook up your amp from the head unit you will need a 20ft at most 4 gauge power wire with a fuse running directly from your vehicles battery to where the amp is placed. In this instructable i will show you how to wire your amp and an alternate way to wire your ampnow i did not yet do this in my car yet as of i don't have my license.

How do i hook up my amp in my car

After running the power wire, the next thing to do is run the turn-on wire and signal cables the turn-on wire is included in your amp wiring kit run these cables behind the dash to your stereo the turn-on wire connects to a remote turn-on.

This is a guide to all you need to know for adding both an amplifier and subwoofer to your car or truck's audio system it covers the steps for running power, grounding cable, audio cables, and more with this helpful guide, there's no need for you to pay someone else to do the job when it's really quite easy to do yourself. In this example using two subwoofers with dual 4 ohm voice coils, you could wire them to a final impedance of 1ohm or 4ohms at the amplifier simply enter the number of woofers you are wiring, their impedance and the number of voice coils on each (single voice coil or dual voice coils. How to hook up a car amp inside the house to a wall outlet by nichole liandi if you've got a car amplifier you'd like to use in your home, there's one major obstacle to overcome: how to power the amplifier. I suggest that you follow this procedure: decide where you are going to mount the speaker select the type and size of speaker to be installed select a ball-park crossover point determine power requirements, and choose an amplifier if one is required install the speaker make level adjustments.

Now that we have our power connections complete let's move on to “audio input” audio input is the sound that you would like to amplify in this case, it is your radio there. Step #2 : gain access to the speakers and tweeters each vehicle is different , but gaining access to your speakers as a straightforward processlocate where the speakers and tweeters are mounted and take them outfor instance,if you’re installing component speakers on your car’s doors,you’ll likely have to remove the panel. Rca wires go from amp back of radio a wire from amp ground need to be connected to a large metal part of your car memory wire needs to hook to a power source that's only on when your cars on that way your amp does not kill your car battery when you park and then connect all the speakers. On the surface it may seem somewhat odd to connect a car stereo in your home after all, there's plenty of good home stereo equipment available but car stereos do. An amp kit is gonna come with a heavy gauge power wire that connects directly to your vehicles battery, a high amp ridge fuse, a ground wire, and a signal cables that’s gonna go from the back of your car stereo to the amplifier if you have a factory car stereo, you’re gonna need what’s called a line output converter. That way the sub had an un-amplified level in and the volume of the sub would go up and down in unison with the volume control on the receiver although you do have to experiment a bit with the volume control on the sub to establish a level that suits you at a particular volume level to begin with.

How do i hook up my amp in my car
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